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A Curious Case

Instructions on how to play
Jammers playing Curious Case at the Feb Fatale 6 show-and-tell on Sunday, February 24, 2019
Attendees play A Curious Case at the Killing Cyberpunk Showcase on April 25, 2019
Victim dossier, X-Ray of head shot, side
Victim dossier - X-Ray of head shot
Suicide note artifact, front
Rendering of gallery exhibition space planned before COVID-19
Exhibition design sketch
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Rui Jie Wang

Feb Fatale 6: Killing Cyberpunk
Content warning: Suicide, drug mention, gun mention
A Curious Case (2019)

An augmented reality cyberpunk murder mystery game where you are the dectective solving a cold case from your phone!

Curious Case (2020)
AR game

Working professionally in the XR space, I was always very aware of what a privileged space I was in and that many folks probably don’t have the same access to cutting-edge technology. Therefore, I wanted to create a game that most people could access with their phones!

Working on the original Curious Case has really allowed me to push my creative process not only individually as an artist but also in collaborating with others on a project that was about experimentation and learning through play.

The original game mechanic that was developed over the course of Feb Fatale 6 was heavily inspired by Tarot card readings, where evidence cards are part of a standardized marker based card system and layers have to mix and match to combine different cards together to uncover more clues.

Over time, I wanted to explore more of the phone as a magnifying glass by designing it as something more familiar to the average person, i.e., a pseudo-smartphone OS. From there the evidence cards also evolved into more tangible/phygital pieces of evidence like maps and physical memory chips, that were intended to be placed in an exhibition scene setup almost like an escape room.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the experience along with this exhibition has evolved again. This time into digital artifacts that live on the web, and ever since I have been excited to continue to explore and adapt the concept.

Additional credits:

  • Paige Sun - Developer
  • Sarah Taylor - Narrative Design
  • Julia Galle - Writer/Narrative Design
  • Aaron Ong - Voice actor
  • Kendra Smith - PlayTester/Idea Bouncer
A Curious Case - Insta360 Capture

About Rui Jie Wang

Rui Jie has a background in computer science and art history from Queen’s University and has worked with non-for-profits, startups, and large companies alike to create impactful and sustainable outcomes through design and most recently with immersive technologies like AR/VR/XR.

Her work and interests lie in a mix of visual, conceptual and functional projects to experiment, break and pushes the limits of what the anticipated future could look like. She is always experimenting, researching and exploring new ways to create, remix, and collaborate and is always working on a passion project on the go.

She has shared some insights for designers wanting to start their first VR project with the monthly Adobe UX blog for VR Designer Basics

Co-presented on the past, present and future of immersive technologies with Charles Bern for Women Who Code

Presented the impact of using emerging AR/VR for the Cannabis industry at the start of legalization at TedX Queen’s DisJointed Workshop

Feb Fatale 6 Jam demo
Surveillance footage… victim falling
memory glitch
2019 gameplay demo
Curious Case in Action