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BUILT TO FAIL 01 at TMAC during the SPF90FPS exhibition in 2017.
A screenshot from BUILT TO FAIL 01
Lessons Learned Creating My First VR Piece, 2017
Screenshot from a work in progress version of BUILT TO FAIL 01
Pondering source control

Ahn Mur

BUILT TO FAIL 01 (2017)

You will watch as everything, so well-planned, collapses. And it will be because of you.

BUILT TO FAIL 02 (2020)

Orchestrate the demolition of the cityscape around you with your bare hands.

Interactive VR experience
Gesture destruction WIP

In 2017, I was interested in making and exhibiting uncomfortable art. And at the time, I was grappling with my own tendencies towards self-destruction. … BUILT TO FAIL 01 was an exploration of that trap: an environment where the player’s gaze was in itself destructive, triggering the demolition of whatever structure lay in view.

In BUILT TO FAIL 02, I was interested in reclaiming some personal agency amidst destruction. … But I’ve been more thoughtful and deliberate this time around, and it is that sense of agency I wanted to translate into the new iteration of BUILT TO FAIL. I chose to rebuild the core mechanic. In BUILT TO FAIL 01, you have almost no control over the destruction around you. But in BUILT TO FAIL 02, you use the gestures and movement of your hands to control the chaos.

What I enjoyed the most about re-making BUILT TO FAIL was experimenting with hand tracking. As the XR community produces projects and resources for hand tracking, it has been exciting to follow and contribute to the dialogue.

Player at TMAC exhibition (2017)

About Ahn Mur

I enjoy collaboratively creating environments to tell better stories about the future.

After obtaining a degree in Environmental Design (a mixture of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design), I now work as a science fiction set designer in the Toronto film industry. The fundamental relationship between story, psychology, and space has always guided my work, often employing emerging technologies. I have been fortunate enough to explore the use of VR in cinema, both for the purposes of pre-visualization and as the medium of storytelling itself. With the advent of consumer VR, I have become passionate about building a platform that utilizes VR’s unique capabilities to improve well being.

Work in progress building destruction
Ahn testing in 2017
Work in progress