Cuddle­geddonGillian Blekkenhorst2012


"How to play" screen from 2012 version
Title screen from 2012 version
GAME OVER! Player one passes away…
Controls and credits screen from 2012 version
Composite image from promo materials for Jeuxly exhibition, 2012

Gillian Blekkenhorst

Cuddlegeddon (2012)

Strike a balance in your relationship between cold and clingy by battling it out with your partner!

Cuddlegeddon: Snugglepocalypse (2020)
Multiplayer computer game
Domestic hell sequence gameplay (WIP)

Cuddlegeddon has been remade with new levels, and entirely new programming - the original project file was created on software that doesn’t exist anymore, and the game only runs on an operating system I don’t have access to!

I did still have access to all of the original art and sound files, though. The characters are still the same assets, which I still think are beautiful, but much of the background and UI has been redrawn.

The original theme by Calvin Lam is still in the game, but variations for the other levels have been composed by Brooklynn Whidden. I kept all of the original horrible moaning sound effects but also recorded dozens more!

Since Jeuxly, my entire life basically changed direction. I’d been trying to figure out who to be. I was working at a post production facility and I was starting to hate it. I loved animation, but post production didn’t have much creativity.

Game design was something that brought together all these things I loved doing in one wonderful place! And within the next year I started upping my skills, and started getting hired as a game design educator, which basically became my day job after I left the advertising industry.

Working on the game in 2020 also reminded me of my creative mindset at the time (in 2012). I’ve been so obsessed with financial stability in the last eight years that the creative portion of my brain has really atrophied. Welcome to being an ‘artist’/creative professional under capitalism, amirite? But when I made this game, I wasn’t so obsessed with keeping a roof over my head, and I had more access to just sitting in ideas and expressing my silly feelings.

Having a community of people all working towards a goal together is one of my favourite things. We did check-ins with everyone involved in the residency, and we got to show off our work to each other. I found that very rewarding.

Cuddlegeddon 2012 full gameplay

About Gillian Blekkenhorst

Gillian makes games. Their main passion is writing, using new tools to tell new stories in ways that can’t be shown in any other way. But they also love and work with coding and game design theory, specializing in Unity and C# coding. They also make game art and assets, both 2D and 3D. Because most of Gillian’s personal games are narrative, they’ve also developed a passion for UI. Gillian has been teaching and writing courses on introductory game design coding and theory for 5 years.